Lynne was not able to sit for the exam because he was sick.


Kimberly is unaware that Ramesh has been secretly spying on her on behalf of stoats.

I work out.

He is a self-willed fellow.

Dimetry drew a deep breath.

The rich merchant felt the hour of his death approaching.


Edmund has no sense of humor.


Nick was polite.

Kathryn is still in the car.

I think you should go.


This is the perfect place for those who seek a quiet vacation.


This case is well-documented.

Edward read the text.

He's busy with his homework now.

Everyone knows I'm Ravindran's girlfriend.

How much time per week do you spend reading materials of your own choice?

I cannot come up to your request.

I want to know how much it's going to cost me to go to Boston with you.

Install the apparatus in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

Malus gave Panacea a little encouragement.

She is the only woman at her job.

I can't keep up. She's talking way too fast.

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Pieter asked Roger to go away.

I've enjoyed working with you.

Hopefully they don't delay my flight like the others.

That person asked me who I was, but I did not deem it necessary to answer him.

What are you doing out at this time?

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I suggest you send someone outside to see what's going on.

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I can't help it if girls want to flirt with me.

You have no right to go there.

Ragnar is going to the concert with Brent.

We oppose you.

This is so bad, it's good.


Education is the best antidote against violence.


Merton has three fingers missing on his left hand.

I have important business to take care of in my office.

Let's keep this level.

He complained that he was unfairly treated.

If you recognize this person, call 110!

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I asked Mark what had happened, but he wouldn't tell me.

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She is not herself today.

They administered the anesthetic a few minutes ago but Mats hasn't gone under yet.

We'll work.

Lanzarote is not so beautiful.

Has she come?


It occurred to me that he was trying to conceal something.

I really do hope we can still be friends.

I talked to Philippe's parents.

Do you want to eat lunch together?

Sharan doesn't really understand French.

This ship can reach extremely high speeds.

I know all the skeletons in your closet.


In order to fix something, you have to know what's wrong with it.

Sanche became animated.

What do you usually do on weekends?


Why take chances?

I have something for you, too.

Now that the line of scrimmage has been moved back to the 15-yard line, the extra point after touchdown is no longer a fait accompli.


That would be advisable.


You have to make this work.

I told Al the bank was closed.

Vidhyanath promised Lee that he'd be home by 5:30.

We will interview two people so we can hear both sides of this question.

It was for Lawrence and Aaron.

Tandy doesn't want to do that, does he?

Don't throw stones.

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What sort of coats are in fashion this year?


He lent me 30 pesos.

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It'll be a masterpiece!

I was frustrated.

I find it very easy to see through a person's true nature.

Actually she is a loose woman.

Thank you for reading to the end.

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Dannie has paid back all the money he borrowed.

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We haven't yet decided what to do.

I can't think of anything I'd want from you.

Mr. Jackson teaches us French.

Hurf didn't have any privacy.

A 6% yield is guaranteed on the investment.

I need to think of my children.

He is tired of reading.

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He is young and immature.


A bird has wings.


Can you get off work tomorrow?


You're perfect the way you are.

Tell your son to quit harassing my daughter.

I haven't actually decided to build a house yet.


Where are they meeting?

You had better read your teacher's comments on your compositions one more time.

It'll be on me.

What do you think about this outfit?

Serdar won't let us in.


Tahsin carried the chairs to the next room.

I'm ready to order.

Louis couldn't bear the pain any more so he shot himself.

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Wow! It's been a long time.


This is Gypsy's shirt, not mine.

The government deprived him of all his rights.

I say this from my heart.

I think that we have to go now.

We're going to the beach. Are you coming?

She got married at the age of seventeen.

Nick didn't pass the exam, did he?

There used to be a lot of small creeks in old times Shanghai, which of them included Zhaojia Creek, Yangjing Creek, but they're all covered up nowadays.

That's O.K. with me.

They're still waiting for us to make up our minds.

I wouldn't touch that.

Wait for the game to start.

I'm only interested in the truth.


Hang on. We'll be right there.

Somebody needs to stop you.

What do we need to do?


Bruno wanted to be a better husband.


I'd like to study in Paris.

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He sat in the front so as to be able to hear.

I thought that Winston had done that for us.

We must go and see her.

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I've always wanted to try to learn French.

Why are you so glum?

I want to wait for Dimetry.


Except for carrots, there is nothing he won't eat.

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This year I think I'll grow corn instead of potatoes.


I wanted to go back to your village.

I must find the answer.

If I'd known I was going to have my photo taken, I'd have dressed a bit better.


What would you like us to do with this?

I can't make any sense of this letter.

I have a lot of pencils.

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No matter what happens, I am prepared.

Toby says he wants to study French.

Murat was here with Darryl yesterday afternoon.

Did you tell them you were joking?

The loaf was adorned all about with pretty figures, with towns and fortresses on each side, and within it was white as snow and light as a feather.

Don't let him drink this juice.

Jelske has had too much to drink.

I've stopped opening up so much now.

It was eighty meters long.


You can set the white of an egg by boiling it.

It won't happen right away.

Michiel teaches history at a high school.

Let me sleep.

I prefer coffee to tea.


Miami is the biggest city in Florida.

Ernie is playing tennis now.

I really liked Ping's design.


I left my keys in the car!

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He's not in the top grade as a musician.

I'll warn him.

Don't vilify me!


Only slackers fail if and only if the only unfair professors are on sabbatical.

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Sehyo doesn't know which button to push.

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David and I help each other.